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The skill, competence and diligence shown by our staff are magnificent. Dev Musical is one of the leading companies in the music field. It has been constantly progressing since four decades. The technicians accompany us are the best in their task and delivers the remarkable efforts to the company. We are consistently looking for skilled and creative people who can work with seo tools to bring the maximum traffic to the website.

New appointments:-

Content writer, SEO copywriter, off-page expert or trainee, on-page expert or trainee.

Desired Candidate Profile
  • Candidate must have good writing skills.
  • Fast grasping power and ability to write on various different topics.
  • Good command over English language.
  • Preference will be given to those who having prior experience in freelancing or regular web content writing.
  • Candidate must be of Bhopal city.
Job Description:
  • Online creating high quality blogs and web pages.
  • Keeping up and modifying blogs and web pages.
  • Articles posting and submission.
  • Social networking.
  • Profound understanding on the usage of Seo tools and services.
  • Knowledge on on-page and off-page techniques.
  • Managing social media.
  • Balancing blogging, article writing, social media and press releases.
  • Optimization of site speed
  • Analyzing data and creating reports.
  • Proof reading and quality checking.
  • Making Hyper-links over the good running websites.
  • Sharing images.
  • Social bookmarking.
  • Listing directory.
  • Visiting client reviews and reporting.
  • Submitting videos.
  • Submitting press releases.
  • Setting up paid advertising campaigns like pay per click.
  • Regularly evaluating site and implementing new strategies.
  • Keeping up informed all the time of the latest trends in Seo industry.

Appointment for telemarketing:-

Desired candidate profile:
  • Candidate should be a graduate.
  • Good spoken English.
  • Skilled in communication
  • Clear understanding of the product.
  • Willing to learn and making improvements.
  • Ability to speak to several people each day with ease.
Job Responsibility

Receiving and answering telephone calls politely and respectfully keeping in mind customer’s focus.

Job Duties:
  • Contacting customers to promote products and services by operating telephone and other telecommunication technologies.
  • Recognizing prospect by reading telephone directories and prepared official list.
  • Persuading customers to buy product or services by following a particular written document which gives detail information about product or services.
  • Offering price of product or services to customers.
  • Taking and listing the orders and purchases made by the customers with their full contact.
  • Asking customers payment method.
  • Imparting promotional talks of product or services to the concerned individuals.
  • Explaining and answering the queries about the product or services.
  • Reforming the document or script focusing the requirements and interest of the potential individuals.