Devmusical is known for serving the musicians with best quality musical instruments and accessories. Ableton music sequencer and provided, which are extremely useful for live performances. The sequencer would be highly beneficial for professionals because it offers a wide range of features.

Some of its features which are worth highlighting include composing, recording, arranging, and mastering. This tool is popularly used by several musicians because it offers numerous facilities to the players.

Offering a wide suite of controls like crossfading, beat matching, and various other effects, the Ableton sequencer is an ultimate tool for adding and controlling effects. Since it’s designed to be used during a stage performance, it is packed with complete features.   

You would feel that something is missing in this tool, because it has been designed with perfection. The tracks could be recorded and the effects could be added. Two views are offered in Ableton live which includes session and arrangement views.   

Several additional instruments could also be used with this device. The add-ons or additional instruments that could be used with Ableton live include drum machines, amp, and sampler.    



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