Akai is a Japanese manufacturing company introduced in 1946 with one goal - to give musicians the tools they aspire to express and explore unique musical possibilities. Akai manufactures very hi- electronic instruments like Audiotape recorder, Video recorder, Tuners, Amplifiers, Loudspeakers, Microphones, Audio Cassette, Receivers, Turntables, etc.

Akai high-quality instruments have become a fixture of contemporary music both on stage and in the studio. Akai is one of the most world’s famous manufacturers of music production gear and inventor of the fabulous MPC. The advanced features of Akai MPC sequencing samplers have forever changed the way new music is built by allowing digital samples to become the source for composition.

Akai's instruments involved tuners (mid-level TR and TT, top-level AT series), audio cassette decks (top-level GX and TFL, mid-level HX, TC and CS series), reel-to-reel audio tape recorders (such as the GX series), amplifiers (TA and AM series), receivers, turntables, microphones, video recorders, and loudspeakers. Akai also created several Digital synthesizers and Digital MIDI sequencers such as the MPC range, a range of integrated drum machines, MIDI sequencers, samplers, and direct-to-disk recorders.

Akai Professional stands at the afore of digital technology and endures one of the most prominent manufacturers of musical tools of the last 20 years. Akai provides the best product quality. Akai amplifier produces brilliant sound and good music. Some customers decorate their houses by Akai products. DevMusical offers Akai musical instruments online at a very low price.

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