Perfect for modern musician

ALESIS offers high-quality products which are suitable for modern musicians. Amazing products are delivered so that musicians can use them for practice sessions and even for live performance. The keyboards and digital pianos which are served by ALESIS have striking features. 

Top products by ALESIS

Drums & Percussion: Electronic Drum sets, E-Drums, Drum Modules, Drum machines, Multipads, Drum Amps and accessories.

Keyboards: Digital Pianos, Keyboards, Portable Keyboards, and Keyboard accessories.

Recording: Monitors, Headphones, audio interfaces,  MIDI Controllers,

Live Sound: PA Speakers, Mixers.

Accessories: wireless systems, mixers, live sound, recording, audio interfaces, Headphones, recording accessories, Signal processors, Legacy, and Live sound accessories. 

Various Alesis Models are provided which includes plus synthesizer keyboards, ION analog modeling synthesizer, workstation keyboard, and various other polyphonic analog synthesizers.

High quality, affordable products are delivered by ALESIS to everyone. Beginners, as well as professional players, will find the musical instruments of this brand highly interesting and amazing. The instruments would be extremely useful for performers and live stage players. Designed for suiting the style of modern musicians, this brand is really ahead of others, mainly because of its brilliant quality instruments and accessories. 

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