Blackstar Amplification is based in Northampton, England. The company was established by a gathering of ex-Marshall employees, most reputably Bruce Keir, current Technical Director at Blackstar and former Chief Design Engineer at Marshall. In 2009 they started operations in the United States. The majority of the investigation and development for Blackstar is carried out in the UK with production taking place in Asia. Manufacturing of Blackstar amplifiers now takes place in China, having earlier been in Korea.

There are several Amplifiers are Artisan Series, Series One, HT Venue, HT Venue MkII, HT Metal, ID: Series, HT-5, HT-1.

Blackstar presents guitar pedals for boost, overdrive, distortion, modulation, reverb, delay, dual and metal. Some of the pedals incorporate valves (tubes) in the electronics, the drive pedals incorporate Blackstar's ISF feature.


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