Casio is a manufacturer of electronic musical instruments like Keyboards and Pianos for beginners as well as musicians.

Casio Computer Co. Ltd. is a Japanese customer electronics and popular electronics manufacturing organization headquartered in Shibuya, Japan. Its stocks combine calculators, mobile phones, digital cameras, electronic musical instruments, analogue and digital watches. It was established in 1946, and in 1957 began the world's leading completely electric compact calculator. It was an ancient digital camera innovator, and through the 1980s and 1990s, the company acquired many affordable home electronic keyboards for musicians along with offering the world's first mass-produced digital watches.

It provides budget electronic instruments and its line of affordable home electronic musical keyboard instruments became famous.

Casio provides a wide range of Electronic Musical Instruments are Casio keyboards, Privia, Celviano, Casiotone etc.

There is also a wide range of Casio Keyboards are CZ-Synthesizer, FZ-1 Sampling Synthesizer, PT-80, PD-Synthesizer, VL 1 Synthesizer, ToneBank CT Series, LK Series Key Lighting, CTK/WK Series Standard, CTK/WK Series High-Grade, CT-X Series, CT-S Series, XW Synthesizers, SA Mini Keyboards, MZ-X performance arrangers.

 It also provides a wide series of digital pianos are Privia, Privia Pro Stage, Celviano, Celviano Hybrid/Grand Hybrid, CDP Compact Series.

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  • chat_bubble Q1 : Which Casio Keyboard is the best for Beginners?


    Casio keyboards are used by many international artists worldwide. Casio has been one of the most successful brands and has been the main choice for kids and beginners. 


    Best Casio Keyboards for Beginners:


    Casio Sa-46 Musical Electronic Keyboard is ideal for those who love soft, peaceful music at a cheap price. The most excellent features of this electronic keyboard included are 50 Rhythms, 100 Tones, LCD display screen, 8 note polyphony and 32 mini keys.


    Casio SA-47 Musical Electronic Keyboard is introduced with 10 songs, and 50 rhythms, this SA-47 would be a serious playmate for beginners. The tuning controller is also featured on the keyboard that encourages playing the sweetest melodies. 


    Casio SA-78 Musical Electronic Keyboard is introduced with a built-in grip that provides better portability which is beneficial for many players. The musical electronic keyboard can be comfortably carried because of its lightweight and design. Plus, the design of the keyboard is fit for beginners and also for kids. 


    Casio SA-77 Musical Electronic Keyboard offers 5 rhythm patterns, along with 1 tune and 4 tones. This keyboard is ideal for you because it carries 2 Indian percussion sounds. Turning melody on and off provides a better advantage to the instrument player.

  • chat_bubble Q2 : Which Casio Keyboard is best for Intermediate Level Players?


    The list of Best Casio Keyboards for Intermediate level players who take your skills at the next level is as follows:-


    Casio Casiotone CT-S100 Portable Keyboard is ideal for learning the basics of the keyboard. It comes with rounded edges and corner design for making it securely portable. Easy to use functions for amateurs players. It is an innovative compact and lightweight keyboard. Perfect for both school and home use, CT-S100 is ideal for learning the basics of performing the keyboard at a very reasonable price.


    Casio Casiotone CT-S200 Portable Keyboard is perfectly designed with flexibility in mind. It comes with 400 tones and 77 rhythms and provides you tons of sonic options to choose from, LCD display smoothly adjusts your settings, dance music mode adds 50 extra rhythms and with the lesson, function teaches you songs.


    Casio Casiotone CT-S300 Portable Keyboard is introduced with a simplistic, instinctive interface, providing an organized layout with fewer buttons by using both a full dot LCD screen and dial. It is also equipped with a home button that lets users return to the main screen at any time, making for a higher multi-function keyboard with upgraded usability. Ideally designed consolidates rounded edges and corners, making it securely transportable.


    Casio CT-X700 Electronic Indian Keyboard is perfectly designed for producing melodious, rich and quality high tones. This keyboard allows the performer to comfortably use effects and change the tempo according to his playing style. You are a professional or a beginner player, Casio CT-X700 Indian Keyboard will be one of the most convenient and affordable keyboards for you.

  • chat_bubble Q3 : Which is the Best Casio Indian Keyboards?


    The list of Best Casio Indian Keyboards:


    Casio CT-X870IN Electronic Indian Keyboard is introduced with peaceful Indian tones that are designed to produce soulful music. It is a classic instrument ensuring high performance and unmatched musical experience. It also comes with the AiX Sound Source, which offers a wide range of sound qualities from strong bass tones to clear high tones. Lessons system for precise, easy to learn musical phrases. Easily learn one phrase then goes to the next and working until the complete song is mastered.


    Casio CT-X8000IN Electronic Indian Keyboard is introduced with a high output amplifier for better sound production. Heavy bass is also included for enhanced sound effects. It features an AiX sound source that produces a wide variety of sound quality, including powerful bass tone and clear high tones. CT-X8000 also features outstanding computing power of high performance and create sounds with the natural grace as found in an acoustic instrument. Dynamic tone settings also help in producing sensations and provide depth to your music.


    Casio CT-X9000IN Electronic Indian Keyboard is perfectly designed with Aix sound source that produces a variety of sound qualities from powerful bass tones to clear high tones. It comes with a MIDI recorder for recording up to 10 original songs with almost 40,000 notes each. Plus it includes a multi-channel mixer ideal for mixing down. Casio keyboard delivers an amazingly exceptional performance with appealing bass even without a PA system or exterior sound system and this is because of high-performance bass-reflex speakers promoted with large magnets. Additionally, it is packed with a 15W set of amplifiers.