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Cort is a South Korean brand. Cort Company is the largest manufacturer of guitars & Guitar Amplifier. In guitars they produce acoustic guitar, electric guitar, semi acoustic guitar, Classical guitars & bass guitars and has been around since 1973. They have many series in guitars. 

In electric guitars ;- Aero Series, Classic Rock Series, Evl series, G series, Gene Simmons Guitars, Hollow body series, terling series, Sunset series, Master 8R series, KX series, M series, Signature series, Viva series, VX series, X series, Zenox series. 

In Acoustic Guitar :- Limited Edition series, Earth series, SFX series, CJ series, MR series, Classical series, Standard series, Bass Series, S series, Jade series, Luce series, NDX series, Bluegrass series. 

In Bass guitars:- GB series, Artisan series, Curbow Series, Action Series, Arona series, Gene Simmons axe, Gene Simmons Punisher.


Cort is an excellent in making guitars at very affordable price.

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