Epiphone is a United States musical instrument manufacturing company established in 1873. Epiphone and Gibson both are the competitors in the archtop market before 1957. Apart from guitars, Epiphone also manufactured banjos, double basses, and other string instruments. Yet, the company's fault in the aftermath of World War II and the death of Epaminondas Stathopoulos in 1943 let Gibson buy it. Epiphone also makes resonator guitars under the Dobro brand. Epiphone models are of such great quality that sales of those less costly instruments cut into Gibson's sales. Manufacturing and workmanship standards were so great that Gibson hit the model. To help differentiate itself from the parent brand, Epiphone also manages its line of archtop basses and guitars.

Epiphone makes the following guitars:

B. B. King Lucille

Dove / PRO

EJ-200 Artist / 200CE (J-200)

EL-00 / PRO (L-00)

ES-335 PRO

ES-339 PRO / 339 Ultra


Explorer – 1984 EX / 1958 Goth

Firebird TV-Silver

Flying V – '58 Korina

Flying-V – Jeff Waters Anihillation-V

Flying-V – Robb Flynn Love/Death Baritone


Hummingbird / PRO / Artist

John Lennon George Harrison Gibson J-160E

Les Pau


SG Special etc.

Epiphone started manufacturing amplifiers in 1935 with the Electar Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitar Outfit. This equipment was an amplifier, lap and case steel guitar stand all turned into one unit and was furnished by a suitcase maker of the time. Gibson determined to begin a new line of Epiphone amplifiers in 2005 with various models, including the Blues Custom, So Cal, and the Epiphone Valve Junior. The Valve Senior and Valve Hot Rod were released in 2009. The Valve Senior allows 20 watts of power, with a full equalizer, reverb, gain, volume, and presence control.

Epiphone is a very old guitar company and manufactures many varieties of the guitar. These instruments produce Fantastic sound and people love to buy Epiphone products. Devmusical brings Epiphone Instruments online at the lowest price .


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