Fishman is blessed to serve musicians of all customs to achieve the truest sound possible wherever and whenever they plugin. Our ongoing mission to expert sound and spirit has developed our company grow to become an industry leader in Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Upright Bass, Violin, Viola, Cello, Resophonic Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Archtop Guitar, Cuatro, Bouzouki, Harp, Piano, Pickups, MIDI Guitar Controller, Amplifiers, Preamps, Onboard Preamps, Effects Pedals & Guitar Pickups

The commitment from our elongated family of players, technicians, repair professionals, and instrument manufacturers is actually a result of our loyalty toward them. This bond goes beyond product individual but also continues to our customer service, interaction, and comfort.

After 35 years, you still have my promise that Fishman will constantly endeavor to be the best at what we do, but most importantly to make you sound your positive best.

At Fishman, we understand music has the ability to cross cultures and continents, unifying people through the songs in their hearts and the sounds of their instruments.

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