For around 40 years, Samick has made products for the famous and leading brand names in the guitar business. In the manner, Greg Bennett acquired a big deal about not only what goes into a great guitar, but how to manufacture it at the lowest price. They also understood the ability to provide a quality product at a reasonable price was only half the equation. 

Greg’s expertise in high-level marketing positions with the industry’s best retailers and manufacturers, linked with a performance background and formal design, presented him uniquely qualified. The dare was to take the majority of trustworthy design or style classes and design products that in effect paid offering to the original designs while constructing an innovative and unique perspective.

Performers want to have something unique or special, yet they need it to have a natural feel. The configurations were conceptualized, invented and improved in Greg’s studio in Nashville. When designs are completed, the challenge shifts to source and manufacturing.

Professional quality hardware and electronics, as well as unique tonewoods, were sourced from exotic places over the whole globe: ebony and ovangkol from Africa, rock maple from North America and rosewood from India, pickups from Fishman and Duncan, bridges by Wilkinson and tuners by Grover. Greg Bennett performed a full upgrade in onboard and wiring electronics. Ultimately, each musical instrument was set up and investigated before going out to the player. Samick has encouraged musicians to find their ideal guitars in terms of sound and affordability in Greg Bennett. Famous for their wide range of electric guitars, Greg Bennett has established itself among one of the top brands among musicians. Devmusical sells all Greg Bennett musical instruments online at a very affordable price.

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