Hartke first transformed the world of bass amplification in 1985 with the production of a unique aluminum cone driver that created a bass tone with far extended dynamics than had ever been listened before. Hartke introduced a full line of bass gear and began the Hartke sound to a completely new generation of bass players. Hartke's success is linked to a long history of exciting and motivating world-class musicians with advanced bass speaker technology. Hartke found that some artists love playing aluminum cabinets besides a traditional paper cone cabinet. Then Hartke engineers start working on concentrating the aluminum cones that had to make Hartke company famous with traditional paper cones. The aim was to build a new speaker that was inspiring, powerful, and unique.

Hartke Products:

  • Cabinets: HyDrive Cabinets, XL Cabinets, HyDrive HD Cabinets, VX Cabinets
  • Combos: HD Series Combos, HyDrive Combos, Kickback Combos
  • Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers: AC Series Amplifiers
  • Amplifiers:  HA Series Amplifiers, LX Series Amplifiers, TX Series Amplifiers, LH Series Amplifiers,
  • Hartke Accessories: Bags and Cases, Bass Strings, Pedals

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