The Hofner Company was founded by luthier Karl Hofner in 1887. Hofner manufacturing musical instruments basses and guitars, and makes string such as violas, cellos, double basses, violins and bows for stringed instruments. In 1930, Hofner started manufacturing guitars. The first guitar was a steel-string instrument with a curved bottom and top forerunners of today's striking or archtop guitars. Hofner is positive about the future, as they are yet open to the requirements of the guitar and string instrument market. After the multiple changes that a company has experienced throughout the 130th anniversary, Hofner is still a medium-sized family business and reputed company, is dedicated to its product quality, customers, and its employees.


Hofner Products:


Concert and Western Guitars: Carmencita, Classic, Concert limited editions, Green Line, Master series, Western guitars

Electric Guitars: Archtop guitars, Leader semi-resonance guitars, Verythin semi-resonance guitars, Verythin limited editions, Solid Body Guitar

Electric Bass: Violin-Bässe, Club-Basse, Andere-Basse

Equipment: Strings, Bags, Suitcase, Belts, Care & Maintenance

Spare Parts: Tuners, Truss rod covers & adjustment keys, Saddles

pickup, Pickup Frame, pickguards, Electronic Components, Stege

tailpiece, strap buttons

String Instruments: Violins and Violas, Violins and viola sets, Cellos

Cello sets, Double basses

Bows: violin bows, bass bows, Viola bows, Cello bows,


These instruments produce amazing sounds and good music. This Company is providing excellent product quality. Everyone wants to buy Hofner products. You can easily buy Hofner products online at Devmusical. Buy now! 

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