Hohner company manufacture musical instruments like kazoos, bass guitar, guitars, banjos, melodicas, recorder flutes, accordions, and ukuleles, simultaneously with its one million harmonicas a year.

Hohner History:

Hohner was introduced in 1857 is German manufacturer of musical instruments, founded by Matthias Hohner (1833–1902).

From the 1940s through 1990s, the Hohner company further manufactured several electric/electronic keyboards.

Especially in the 1960s and 1990s, they created a range of innovative and modern electromechanical keyboard instruments: the Guitarist, Basset, Cembalet, Pianet, and Clavinet.

Hohner harmonicas instantly became famous, and in his lifetime Matthias formed the largest harmonica industry in the world.

In the 1920s, Hohner introduced making chromatic harmonicas, which unlike the "standard" diatonic form can be operated in any key.

And in the mid of 1950s, Hohner started producing electric guitars, or in 1970s Hohner began manufacturing acoustic guitars.

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