Korg Inc. is established in 1962 by Tsutomu Katoh. It is a Japanese multinational corporation that manufacturing audio processors and guitar pedals, electronic musical instruments, electronic tuners, and recording equipment. Korg company also manufactures electric guitars and guitar amplifiers. Korg has aimed to develop new experiences in performance and music. Inspired the creation of Japan's first disc-based rhythm machine, the Doncamatic, and then drove to the evolution of Japan’s first synthesizer and the world's leading needle-type tuner, developed by many unique instruments that have made the enjoyment of musical performance to numerous people all around the world.


Korg Products:

Synthesizers / Keyboards: Music Workstations, Stage Keyboards, Entertainer Keyboards, Professional Arrangers, Digital Synthesizers, Analog Modeling Synthesizers, Analog Synthesizers, Nu:tekt Series, Dynamic Phrase Synthesizers, Software Synthesizers, iOS Applications, 

DJ & Production Tools: Headphones, KAOSSILATOR Series, KAOSS PAD Series, volca Series, Analogue Synth Series, ELECTRIBE Series, 

Computer Gear, Mixers, Nu:Tekt Effects

Software: DAW, iOS Apps, Android Apps, Software Synthesizers, 

Drums & Percussion: WAVEDRUM Series, Drum Machines, 

Digital Pianos / Home Products: CONCERT Series Digital Pianos, Digital Pianos, Digital Ensemble Pianos, Performance Pianos, Entertainment Pianos, Pianos for fun

Tuners / Metronomes: For Guitars, Bass Guitars and Ukulele, Vocal Trainer

Amplifiers / Speakers: Konnect, STAGEMAN 80

Audio: Nu:Tekt, Headphones

Accessories: Pedals / Foot Controllers, Cases, Bags, Stands, Benches, AC Adapters, Speaker System, Cables


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