Kurzweil Music Systems is an American organisation that manufactures electronic musical instruments. It was established in 1982 by Stevie Wonder (musician), Raymond Kurzweil (innovator) and Bruce Cichowlas (software developer).

Kurzweil includes different series of Pro Keyboards that are PC4 Series Performance Controllers, SP6 Series stage Pianos, SP1 Series, Forte Series Workstations, Artis Series Stage Pianos, PC3A Series Performance Controllers, PC3K Series Production Stations, PC3 LE Series Performance Controllers, SP4 Series Stage Pianos.

There is also a wide series of Home Digital Pianos are CGP Series Digital Grand Pianos, Andante 3 Series Digital Pianos, MPG Series Digital Grand Pianos, M Series Digital Pianos, M2 Series Digital Pianos, MP Series Digital Pianos, MP2 Series Digital Pianos, KAG Series Digital Pianos, KA Series Digital Pianos, KA Series Portable Digital Pianos, KP Performance Series Portable Arrangers, KP Standard Series Portable Arrangers, KP Essential Series Portable Arrangers, KP Oriental Series Portable Arrangers, CUP Series Compact Digital Pianos.

Kurzweil also includes a wide range of Speakers and Studio Gears.

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