Kustom Sound

Kustom Sound

As with all excellent ideas, the timing for Kustom Sound was classic. What began in Ross' garage immediately expanded to a full-blown facility in Chanute, Kansas, with products flying out the doors to support the dreams of musicians all over India. Kustom Sound responded to the burgeoning requirement by generating a full-range of amplification products, from guitar and bass amps to P.A. systems, organs, guitars, and also the first Talk Box (The Bag), as used by Stevie Wonder and Jeff Beck.

Today, Kustom Sound esteems its trend-setting past by creating award-winning amplifiers and P.A. systems with specialties and tones that inspire a perfect new generation of professionals. Take the time to review a new Kustom Sound amp or P.A. system for yourself. Listen to their freakish, soulful tones. Research with their one of a kind characteristics. We think you'll come away admiring why you hadn't checked out Kustom Sound a lot sooner.

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