NUGEN Audio is a world famous brand that designs innovative, reliable professional audio tools. These tools are extremely useful for broadcasters, high end music producers and post production engineers. The products reflect and offer experience which is similar to that of a real world production.  

The brand’s products make it really easy to deliver the best experience through better quality, reduced costs and time saving. The audio tools by NUGEN are perfect for mixing/mastering, audio analysis, tracking, and loudness metering.

The audio tools by NUGEN are most commonly used in world’s top companies which are associated with audio production, broadcast, and music. The products by NUGEN are very innovative and dependable. The product category includes audio tools for Surround, loudness, audio analysis, bundles and mix & mastering. The audio analysis tools are designed to meet the specific requirements of the user while cutting the cost and offering repeated success.

Audio tools from NUGEN are so good in quality that these can be used in music and production, broadcast & Live, and Film & post production.




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