Numark has been engaged for originating hundreds of industry origins, among them the leading DJ mixer with a built-in sampler, DM1775, the first acknowledged dual CD player, CD5020, the first hard-drive-based DJ system, HDCD1, the first iOS-enabled DJ systems, iDJ, and the original motorized DJ control surface, CDX, which was following consolidated into the NS7 and NS7II controllers. Numark is an excellent segment of the inMusic Brands group.

For more than 40 years, Numark has joined the perception of DJs’ demands with cutting-edge technologies to generate products that constantly influence the way. Numark has actually really innovated its way to the top, engineering execution tools for the entire spectrum of the DJ experience, from hobbyists to experts. Today, Numark is the most general manufacturer of DJ equipment in the world, with global distribution and sales that grow its closest rival. In the beginning days, Numark mixers were the mixer to hold, and now Numark digital DJ controllers are setting that equal standard. Numark combined the company’s technological know-how with decades of DJ-minded product improvement, forming one seamless, convincing system. NS7 produced a level of production with digital media that had never been performed, precisely reproducing the appearance, feel and quality of the vinyl, blurring the lines between various periods of DJing so perfectly that it presented them virtually indistinguishable from one another.

Numark manages various international offices in the US, Japan, South America, the UK, Germany, and Taiwan, operating an international team of stock developers and builders that are themselves, DJs and musicians.

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