Remo D Belli founded the Remo Company. In 1957, he started producing synthetic Mylar drumheads, according to today’s industry standard. More than 60 years, Remo Company has persistently and continually set the new grounds. And when it comes to our expertise as a drumhead manufacturer, nothing can beat the technical and musical expertise of our Drumheads.

Drums: Bahia Bass, Bass drum, Bell, Block, Bodhran, Bongo, Buffalo drum, Cajon, Chime, Conga, Cuica, Djembe, Doumbek, Drum table, Finger drum, Floor tom, Footoerine, Frame drum, Gathering drum, Glockenspiel, Hand drum, Kalimba, Kanjira, Lollipop drum, Ngoma, Ocean drum, Packs and kits, Paddle drum, Pandeiro, Rhythm pal, RIQ, Rototom, Shaker, Sound shape, Spring drum, Sticks and mallets, Surdo, Taiko, Talking drum, Tambourine, Tan-tan, Timbau, Tubano

Drum heads: Art beat artist collection drumheads, R series low collar bongo drumheads, classic fit ambassador clear, rhythm lid

Accessories: Adaptors, Bags, Dampeners, Keys, Parts, Patches, Practice tools, Reflectors, Stands, Sticks and mallets, Straps, Templates, Texture target, Wearables

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