Samson is a popular brand among professional musicians because it offers professional audio systems that are nothing less than perfection. Top audio systems at affordable rates can be found only at Samson. Initially in 1980, Samson developed the wireless microphone system which was highly appreciated.  

Now Samson offers a wide range of products that can be purchased from devmusical at the most affordable rates. The three notable brands under Samson include: Samson Wireless, Hartke and Samson Audio. Samson offers over 250 products in more than 140 countries in the world.

Awesome products

You can buy all musical instruments, accessories and systems at competitive prices. These include microphones, wireless systems, mixers, cabinets, studio monitors, headphones, power amplifiers, processors and Samson accessories.

Broader dynamics in bass amplifiers are achieved with the Samson products because they believe in delivering the best to the musicians. Samson has created a full line of high quality bass amplifiers, combos and cabinets which are trusted and used by world’s greatest musicians.



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