Studiomaster is a registered trademark of Audioplus in India. It is Indian based company offering a variety of mixers, transducers, amplifiers, loudspeakers, microphone, Dj gear, processor, installation products, power lighting products, supply products, speakers and many more products. The product offered by the company is known for its excellence and reliability.

Studiomaster provide a variety of products that are-

  • Amplifiers: Arena Series, DJA Series, DPA Series, P Series, XPA Series
  • Mixers: AiR Pro Series, AiR Series, AiR U Series, Aqua Series, Club 2000 Series, D.Mix Series, Diamond Club Series, Mini Series, Orb Series, Palladium Series, Platinum Series, Pro III Series
  • Loudspeakers: Active, Amplispeakers, Line Arrays, Monitor Speaker, Passive, Portable PA
  • Transducer: E Series, Fury Series, S Series, Titan Series
  • Microphones: Wired microphones, Wireless microphones
  • Dj products: Dj mixers, Media players
  • Processors: Compressor, Crossovers, Effects Processor, Equalizers, Phantom Power, Speaker Management System, Splitter
  • Installation products: Automatic Mixer, Conference system, Install Amplifiers, Install Speakers, Microphones, Zonal Paging System
  • Power supply products: Power Sequencer, Stabilizers

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