Schecter is a guitar manufacturing company was founded by David Schecter in 1976. Schecter Guitar coagulated its headship status as one of the world’s foremost guitar companies, offering acoustic guitars, electric guitars and basses, and custom instruments to guitarists around the world. The company is continually growing and increasing line of guitars and basses appeals to a wide array of players and assorted musical styles.

Schecter offer variety of guitars including C-6 Pro, Acoustics, Apocalypse, Banshee GT, Banshee Mach, 2020, Artist Models, Banshee Elite, Banshee Extreme, C-6 Plus, Deluxe, Custom Series, Damien Platinum, Demon Series, Hellraiser, Silver Mountain, Hellraiser Hybrid, Lefties, Extended Range, Omen, Omen Extreme, Platinum Series, Reaper Series, Retro, SGR, SLS Elite, Special Edition, Sun Valley Super Shredder III, Standard Series, Sun Valley Super Shredder, Sustainiac.

Schecter inventory also contains Riot Series, SLS Elite, Apocalypse Series, Artist Models, CV Series, 2020, Damien Platinum, Hellraiser Extreme, Lefties, Omen, Omen Extreme, Retro, Session Series, SGR, Stiletto Custom, Stiletto Extreme, Stiletto Stealth, Stiletto Studio. Custom models and accessories are also supplied by Schecter.

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