Here’s the brand that you need to know if you have never heard of Marcus Miller Basses. The credit for the production of the famous Marcus Miller basses goes to the Sire Guitars. Marcus Miller is known as one of the topmost and well-renowned jazz and funk bassist having many best bass chops in the world who has worked with the Sire to make affordable basses that exceed far to their price tag in aspect to its feel, style and the most important, sound. Till now Sire has launched its V Series Basses, M Series Basses, P Series Basses and above all, Lefties and Fretless Guitars along with many other series. Sire owns a factory in which its high-quality basses get designed and keeps an indiscriminately tracking on each and every bass coming out from the workshop to provide the best quality product to its faithful customers. Sire also has a firm grip in the production of earphones and microphones alike basses.