Since the 1970s, Stagg began life as a guitar company in Japan, while producing a wide range of iconic instruments. After 1995, Leonardo Baldocci, relaunched and expanded the brand, with an aim to offer high-quality instruments, audio and lighting, and accessories at an affordable price.

The product range includes-

Guitars and basses

  • Electric guitars: Solid body, Hollow body, Kids guitar, Packages, Bags, Cases
  • Acoustic guitars: Steel string, Acoustic electric guitars, steel strings bags, steel string cases, classical nylon string, classical nylon string bags
  • Basses: 4 string, 5 string, Fretless, Acoustic-electric basses
  • Accessories: Stands, Strings, Picks, Tuners and metronome, Slides and capos, Straps
  • Effects
  • Amps: Electric, Acoustic, Bass
  • Folk: Mandolins, Banjos, Ukuleles, Resonator, Harmonicas

Cymbals and percussions

  • Cymbals: Bells, Splash, Crash, Ride, China, Gong
  • Drums: Acoustic Drum sets, 5 piece, 3 piece, practice pads, single pads and rugs, snare drums
  • Marching and military: Marching percussion, Cymbals, Accessories
  • Percussion: Hand drums, Hand Percussion, Bells and Wood blocks
  • Tuned percussion: Xylophones, Metallophones, Hand bells
  • Other instruments include: Band and orchestra, Pro light and Audio

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