Tama is a Japanese drum percussion manufacturing company established in 1974 in Japan. Tama is the most prominent manufacturer of Drum kits, Tenor drums, Hardware, Snare drums, sticks, and original percussions. The offered drum kits and percussions are best for stage shows, Parties and Events. Tama provides excellent product quality.

The tama product includes a variety of products like:

  • Drum kits: Star, Starclassic, SLP drum kit, Superstar Hyperdrive, Superstar Classic, Imperialstar, Cocktail-jam, Club-jam, Rhythm mate series drum kits.
  • Signature models: Stewart Copeland, John Tempesta, Kenny Aronoff, Charlie Benante, Simon Philips, Ronald Bruner Jr, Peter Erskine, Mike Portnoy, Lars Ulrich
  • Snare drums: Star, Starclassic, SLP, Starphonic, Soundworks, Metalworks, Woodworks
  • Original percussion: Jingle ring, Octobans, Steel mini tymps, Gong bass drums
  • Hardware: Drum pedals, Hi-hat stands, Snare stands, Cymbal stands, Hardware kits, Drum thrones, Tom stands and tom holders, Multi-clamps and attachments, Power tower system
  • Microphone stands: Ironworks studio series; Ironworks tour series, Standard series, and Microphone stand accessories
  • Sticks: Oak lab, Original series Oak stick, Traditional series Hickory stick, Traditional series oak stick, Tama design stick series rhythmic fire, RedZone Oak stick, Tama design stick series sticks of doom, Jeremy Colson Steve Vai model, , Yoshiki X japan Violet UK model, Dirk Verbeuren Megadeth model, Alex Rudinger model, Anup Sastry model, Mario Duplainter Gojira model
  • Bags: Powerpad drum bags, Powerpad cymbal bags, Powerpad pedal bags, Powerpad stick bags, Powerpad stick and mallet bag, Powerpad designed collection bag, Powerpad hardware bags, Powerpad throne bags, LZ series Stick bags, Standard series bags
  • Accessories: Snare wires, Tension lock, Hoops, Washers, Drum keys, Dyna-Sync drum pedal accessory, Snare cords, Speed cobra drum pedal accessory, Iron cobra drum pedal accessory, Pedal accessories, Beaters, Hi-hat attachment, Closed Hi-hat attachment, Hi-hat tension rod, Hat stack, Hi-hat clutches, Twin pedal attachment, Hi-hat stand cable, Hi-hat bottom, Chair accessories, Microphone stand accessories, Replacement parts, Memory locks, Silent tips

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