Taylor guitar was established in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug. The company is grown into the leading global builder of premium acoustic guitars.  The Taylor guitar is a renowned guitar manufacturing company enduring the heritage through an assurance to excellence, modernization and customer satisfaction.

Taylor guitar is maintaining the acoustic and electric guitars lineup whilst top-notch quality. The full line up of guitars includes:

Acoustic guitars

The Taylor line guitars:

  • Academy series guitars- it is the perfect guitar for anyone on a low-budget. The guitar is perfectly made for aspiring and intermediate players
  • 100 series guitars- the guitar lineup is made from solid Sitka spruce and layered walnut that delivers quality and value with no interruption
  • 200 series guitars- comprise with solid Sitka spruce with layered tonewood designed for great aesthetics and sound. This series is available in standard and deluxe models.
  • 300 series guitars- Give the all-solid wood experience from Sapele with blackwood or spruce with mahogany
  • 400 series guitars- Designing is done by spruce with the choice of ovangkol or rosewood back and sides, this gives a full-range of acoustic voice.
  • 500 series guitars- Available in three top options mahogany, Cedar, or Lutz spruce with mahogany back and sides
  • 600 series guitars- it is the maple series guitars specially designed with high-quality spruce that delivers a richer and warmer sound
  • 700 series guitars- Luts spruce and rosewood guitars that create dynamic and bold sound with an optional classic look with sunburst top
  • 800 series guitars- it is a flagship rosewood or spruce collection offers two tiers of inspiration
  • 900 series guitars- most elegant model of Taylor spruce or rosewood series mixed with the inspiring tone with sophisticate design
  • Koa series guitars- Hawaiian koa exotic finish is comprised of beautiful all-wood design.
  • Presentation series guitars- it is the peak of Taylor guitar lineup features Tasmanian blackwood or Sitka spruce or rare sinker redwood. 

Browse guitars: Builders edition, V-class bracing

Electric guitars: T5z, T3, custom series guitars

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