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  • chat_bubble Q1 : Which is the Best Classical Guitar for Classical Players?


    List of the Best Classical Guitars:


    Cort AC100-OP Classical Guitar is perfectly re-engineered to enhance resonance for a genuine classical guitar sound. It comes with Merbau fingerboard, Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, and Savarez crystal strings. Spruce top offers a perfect balance between flexibility and stability and makes it ideal for kind of musical styles and genres. AC100 also features the most widely and popular used C shape neck profile is also appropriate to classical guitar necks. And its classical head volute offers the players the left thumb to feel comfortable during playing to improve playability.


    Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar is the ultimate choice for all players who have just started playing. This classical guitar t is ideal for those want a standard guitar that has brilliant features. Well-defined stability and intonation are offered by the tuners and strings. You can hear pleasant, sleek and genuine tones from this musical instrument. C40 will be ideal for those who are ready to discover the sound potential in acoustics. The intense tonal range of this guitar will encourage you in doing so. Guitar is fit for those who need a perfect musical instrument which can help them in creating melodious tunes.


    Fender SA150N Squier Classical Guitar is perfectly designed with beginning players in mind. It’s wide fretboard and flat neck profile make chording and fingerpicking a breeze. Nylon string guitars are great for students as the tension on the strings is quite easier than that of its steel-string equivalent. It features an all-laminate construction with mahogany back and sides, Lindenwood top, mahogany neck, scalloped X bracing, and a tough dark-stained maple fingerboard. In terms of warmth and tonal character, it aims to compete with something in the above price ranges.


    Yamaha C70 Dreadnought Classical Guitais perfectly designed to give a unique crafted sound. The rosewood fingerboard helps clip the rigor in the upper registers, thus dishing out mellow, warm tones. This guitar is an appropriate option for artists, students, and professionals alike. The exceptional quality of this guitar is a result of skillful workmanship and a high level of consideration to detail. The top of the guitar is constructed with spruce wood. This tonewood aid retains the clarity of sound even under the influence of a heavy attack. A scale length of 25.5 inches renders clear bass notes. The C70 is famous to produce complex, rich, and strong tones.


    Yamaha C80 Dreadnought Classical Guitar features a high level of craftsmanship, look, excellence, playability, and tone that only Yamaha can offer in this price range. Ideal guitar for young learners and newcomers. Its spruce top offers clear sound, heavy attack, with fast sound transmissions as well. And mahogany neck provides round, smooth sound given that the material compresses attacks and highs. The rosewood fingerboard provides a scooped midrange, pronounced lows, and sparkling highs.



Classical guitar is one of the most played musical instruments in the world. It belongs to the guitar family, which is used in classical music. This instrument is made from wood and has nylon strings instead of metal strings which are found in other guitars.

You can find both traditional and modern classical guitars at affordable prices at devmusical. High quality classical guitars of various brands are available. You can choose the perfect one, which suits your requirement. Classical guitarists prefer this instrument because it assists them in making their musical performance better.

Finger technique is used for playing the classical guitar. Magical, soothing sound is produced from it and it has the power to please the audience.