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  • chat_bubble Q1 : Best guitar to buy for beginner or intermediate level Guitarist?


    Finding the best guitar for the beginner or intermediate level is quite a challenging task as there are many sizes and shapes to choose from, all of which suit different musical goals and genres. So, you have to know all about in-depth each guitar to have a great idea which will suit your needs.  We recommend begins with a decent priced guitar is an excellent way to start your musical journey towards perfection.


    Best Guitar Brands:


    Fender Squier SA 105CE Acoustic Guitar is made of nato wood, offers a warm and dark tone. Also, a warm tone with a complete, rich mid-range is produced by this instrument. Equipped with Fishman ISYS-T pickup system with a combined tuner for perfect tone shaping and phase control. The built-in tuner produces guitar's original vintage tone with precise tuning that allows you to generate your own unique sound.


    Cort AD810 Electro Acoustic Guitar is introducing with the combination of a spruce top with a mahogany body that provides a bright high with a balanced tone and a powerful midrange. It comes with a built-in LED tuner for ease and 3-band EQ for tonal flexibility. And spruce top produces a perfect balance between power and flexibility. Cort AD810 is best for a variety of playing characteristics and musical styles.


    Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar is constructed from exceptional tonewood such as rosewood fingerboard and a spruce top. It is a full-size steel-guitar which brings on Yamaha's experience of professional instruments to provide beginners their first playing experience. With this F280 you can discover a genuine quality tone.The overall brilliance of the sound quality which releases from Yamaha guitars is puer as clear as the tough materials used in the making process for Yamaha's instruments.


    DevMusical DV40C Acoustic Guitar comes with a premium cutaway and made keeping the best craftsmanship and functionality in mind. This guitar is built of premium quality Mahogany to project a reliable sound acoustically. It arrives with a properly-rounded body around the arm area, to keep your hand less hurt after long work hours. DV40C guitar is an excellent choice for passionate beginners and music aficionados alike.

  • chat_bubble Q2 : How much does a guitar cost?


    Buying the ideal guitar for a guitarist is depends on their skill levels. The guitar available into 3 primary categories as it has a wide price range. It divides as Beginners guitars, mid-level guitars and high-end guitars.


    Beginner’s guitarists shouldn’t spend too much for a guitar because possibilities are they will move on to another model fast. So the price range varies between 3k to 9k.


    Midrange guitarists looking for updated and advance versions of guitar that motivate them and take their skills at the next level. So the price range varies between 10k to 25k.


    High-end guitarists generally are looking for artisan-made or special models. Guitar wood is picked with high care, managed, developed and cured and most importantly, the complete guitar is made by hand. The price range varies 25k and the range goes till lakhs.

    As well as the cost of the guitar is depended on the construction, wood, material, and processing making of the guitar.

  • chat_bubble Q3 : What are the Best Guitar Brands?


    Which guitar brand? it is one of the most common questions comes in every music lover's mind. To find the guitar that fulfills all your demands within your budget. For a proper solution user should check out all the qualities in a guitar before selecting a which model to buy. There are many companies available in the market that have built up their reputation over a years manufacturing high-quality musical instruments used by some of the best guitar players in the world.


    If you are new to guitar and taking an interest in the different instrument makers for the first time, this guide is aimed to help you to sort out what made each manufacturer unique and decide whether or not their products are a good match for your requirements.


    Top 10 Guitar Brands:


    Belear: In 1980 Belear launched, with the single purpose of getting quality instruments to aspiring hobbyists and musicians at a competitive price. Today Belear has become one of the fastest-growing brands. Belear manufacture an enormous range of acoustic guitars, electric guitars, acoustic bass guitars, electric basses, Harmonica, Plectrum, Cajon, Drum, Strings. Belear guitar is best for both beginners as well as intermediate players. Belear guitars, both electric and acoustic have gained a huge reputation among musicians for producing quality equipment at a very cheap price. 


    Swan7: Swan7 is famous for manufacturing high-quality musical instruments that are ideal for professional musicians. The swan7 brand is established in Brooklyn, New York and is known for making ultimate products that are of premium quality.

    Swan7 is not only famous for manufacturing guitar as well as popular for the microphone, jazz drums, and amp. Reliable and durable instruments at very affordable rates are designed by Swan7.

    For serious beginners and intermediate players, the SW41C and SW40C is not only offer surprising sound qualities but also for its ease of play. 

    These incredible instruments by Swan7 encourage the professional to deliver amazing musical performances. 


    Gibson: Thanks mainly to Les Paul, Gibson is one of the most famous and iconic brands for electric guitars, but they were manufacturing acoustic guitars long before that. Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Mfg. Co., Ltd. was established by Orville Gibson in 1902 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Like Fender, Gibson has remained honestly consistent with their designs and styles. Besides Les Paul, other popular Gibson electric guitars include the Flying V, SG, Explorer, Firebird, ES-335. The classic acoustics includes the Hummingbird. Gibsons are legendary for their craftsmanship and tone, and for many professionals, nothing else will do without a real Gibson guitar. But it is one of the most expensive brands in the manufacturers which might be a critical problem for some music players. Still, if you prefer to get the best sound from an electric guitar, then Gibson is the ideal option for you.


    YamahaYamaha is a famous name in the musical industry. People usually know it because of their designing electric guitars, bass guitars, organs, and other musical instruments. Yamaha acoustic guitars are always great, and there are choices for all levels of guitar experience with exceptional regarding looks and performance. Beginners and intermediate players especially can get some excellent instruments in the Yamaha lineup. The Yamaha FG800 is highly appreciated as best acoustic guitars for beginners, not only because of its remarkable sound qualities but also for its comfort of play. Moving up the line, which is perfect for professional players. This set presents some amazing wood designs along with a strong sound performance. A Professional performer wants these two basic features in his guitar. Therefore, this model is the most suitable choice for a professional musician. In the past ten years, Yamaha has shown a lot of development. As a consequence, Yamaha is now the third-best guitar company in the industry.


    Epiphone:  Epiphone is now owned by Gibson, but at one time both Epiphone and Gibson’s biggest competitors. Now they are considered Gibson’s budget-minded little buddy. Epiphone is famous for its best electric guitars, known for manufacturing quality instruments in the Gibson impression. You might consider picking an Epiphone Les Paul means you are compromising quality and tone, but it may amaze you to understand that many experienced guitar performers hold their Epiphone right up there with their Gibsons.

    Epiphone makes both acoustic and electric guitars and many of their models are based nearby Gibson designs. In fact, Epiphone is the only guitar organization allowed to use Gibson specs to make Les Pauls, SGs, Flying Vs, Explorers, and other Gibson classics. If we talk about the entry-level guitars, then Les Paul Special II and Les Paul 100 are the acoustic guitar brands for them. For serious intermediate and beginners players, Les Paul Custom PRO or Les Paul Plus Top PRO is the ideal option because these two models give the best quality along with various features.


    FenderFender is one of the most recognized and oldest guitars brands in the musical industry. Fender guitars used by many musical professionals and achieved grand successes. Telecaster and Stratocaster models are one of the best guitars made by the company.

    The greatest change going into 2020 is the evolution of the Fender Player Series. These are the brand-new MIM or made in Mexico Fenders, and the updated are complex but significant. Fender has a broad variety of guitar models. A huge collection of guitars will make it simple for you to get the perfect model you were looking for. Manufactured in Mexico series is perfect for beginners as well as professionals. All the guitars in this series are built up of imported wood. Adopting imported timber improves the complete sound quality of the guitar. 

    Fender is not expensive at all as the other best brands. This is the primary reason helped the company to have the upper hand on all the other leading organizations.


    Ibanez: Ibanez started as a Japanese company, popular for its bass guitar series but is also a famous manufacturer of electric and acoustic guitars as well. The guitars published by the company are completely unique from other brands regarding their look as the company likes the classic over the modern look. From the 1930s, Ibanez has been providing its amazing services to the music industry. Many models published by the company are being etched in history which illustrates the performance of the guitars made by the company.

    Now it is known to many as the best guitar company in its own right, particularly for hard and metal rock players. In fact, they build guitars for just about every genre and style. Ibanez guitars are ideal for players who love vintage style. You can simply get the best vintage guitars in the Ibanez guitar collection at a very affordable price.


    Cort: Cort brand is very famous in India and is among the best. The company specializing in the manufacture of acoustic, bass, and electric guitars. You’ll get high-quality starter-level guitars in Cort’s series such as the X100, but now they also present some pretty impressive pro-level and mid-level guitars. The X500 is a beautiful double-cutaway design that’s made for speed and shred, and the X700 Duality takes things a step further with upgraded appointments and finish.

    Cort manufactures some wonderful acoustic guitars as well, varying from traditional dreadnoughts to concert-bodied acoustic-electric and also classical guitars. 


    Jackson: Jackson is one of the rare brands which is famous among the metal players. In the 1980s, every metal and hard rock player was using a Jackson guitar in his hands. The tradition still continues today, many metal players still like to use Jackson Guitars rather than using another guitar available in the market.

    Dinky, King V and Soloist are the top-ranked model guitars. These models provide high performance and great sound quality. Therefore, metal performers all over the world prefer these models. dominant sound performance and solid looks made these guitars ideal for the metal players.


    ESP: ESP is famous for making incredible custom-shop instruments and high-quality original designs during the '80s and early '90s. ESP still provides quality guitars that are used by some of the best professional players in the world, especially in the metal and hard rock genres. ESP limited guitars emphasize ESP designs like the Eclipse in a more reasonable package, such as the EC1000. The ESP-LTD EC-1000 is an incredible rock guitar with high-quality appointments. You’ll also get some innovative and original designs in the ESP LTD series. These are famous guitars for the money and feature many top-shelf segments.

  • chat_bubble Q4 : What is Best Guitar for Beginner?


    Finding the ideal guitar for beginners isn’t the easiest task, we’ve searched all over the internet to obtain the best beginner guitars are as follows:


    Swan7 SW41C Acoustic Guitar is perfectly designed to produce amazing sound dynamics that improve the tone and delivers it full and warm, a great sound characteristic for playing a famous rock or blues songs. The neck is constructed from high-quality catalpa wood to creates punch in the tone. As for its tonal qualities, catalpa is a reflective tonewood that assures maximum transfers of energy to the guitar body. It comes with luxuriously rolled fingerboard edges, its neck offers an amazingly comfortable fret-hand feel that's perfect for beginning players or experienced pros alike.


    Ibanez MD39C Acoustic Guitar is made with superior functionality and craftsmanship, quality parts and amazing sound as expected from a brand like Ibanez at an affordable price. You will obtain some of the most exceptional features in this guitar. It is available in two color options: Natural and Sunburst. This guitar is very stylish, reliable and durable for long term usage.


    Vega VG41BK Acoustic Guitar body is made from Mahogany wood, which imparts a clear and rich bodied sound, that is suitable for various musical styles. This guitar is a perfect option for music aficionados and passionate beginners alike. The acoustic cutaway guitar comes with a superior die-cast tuner and a laminated hardware finish. Its high rigidity, blended with the lightweight properties of most softwoods, delivers it a natural for high velocity of sound. It also has a strong direct tone capable of maintaining its clarity when played forcefully.


    Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar is ideal for beginners of all ages. Carefully constructed and hand-finished to rigorous ISO rules and provides the same focus on layout, quality, and sound as all Yamaha acoustics. Yamaha each guitar have passed numbers of quality checking process and strict quality inspections. These efforts are leading to high stability and durability. It comes with a spruce top, a Nato neck, back, and sides are Meranti and a rosewood fingerboard. Its dreadnought body style offers comfortable playability and loud acoustic tone.


    Cort AD810 Electro Acoustic Guitar is well made to satisfy the needs of hobbyists and seasoned players alike. Provide you a perfect balance between ease to play, size and volume. The dreadnought acoustic guitar provides a full range of musical styles from punk to folk and rock. It comes with a dovetail neck joint for optimum control, mahogany neck, and high-quality coating on strings for protection from dirt and moisture to help them stand the test of time. Whether on the stage or in the studio, this guitar gives a phenomenal performance, thus encouraging you to put your heart and soul into your craft.

  • chat_bubble Q5 : How Does Guitar Price Vary in Type and Performance Level?


    Yes, the guitar price varies with your performance level and type of guitar. Below the table helps to understand the price range of guitars.


    Guitar Price Range varies with skill levels: 


    Performance Level Minimum Price Maximum Price
    Beginner Rs 3000/piece Rs 9000/piece
    Intermediate Rs 10000/piece Rs 25000/piece
    Professional Rs 25000/piece Upto Lakh Rs/piece



    Guitar Price Range varies with types:


    Performance Level Minimum Price Maximum Price
    Acoustic Guitar Rs 2000/piece Rs 20000/piece
    Classical Guitar Rs 5000/piece Rs 35000/piece
    Electric Guitar Rs 5000/piece Upto Lakh Rs/piece






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