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  • chat_bubble Q1 : Comparison between Yamaha PSR-I500 and Casio CTX-900IN Keyboard


    Yamaha PSR-I500 Portable Keyboard is the ideal portable keyboard for Indian music enthusiasts. It features a number of lessons function consist of a built-in Mridangam, tabla and Tanpura function called Riyaz encourage you to learn how to play traditional Indian Raga scales and songs. It includes 40 Indian instruments voices, including recently sampled Voices based on demands from famous Indian music producers. This keyboard has a kind of music Styles including 50 various types of Indian Styles across the country. Additionally features a powerful amplifier, bass-reflex speakers, professional-quality DSP effects, pitch bend wheel with lesson function. The PSR-I500 equipped with a variety of instruments from Synthesizers to Pianos, creating it possible to play songs from a mixture of genres, from orchestral classics to electronic dance music.


    Casio CT-X9000IN Portable Keyboard is introduced with AiX Sound Source for creating an extensive range of sound qualities from a powerful bass tone to clear great tones. The outstanding computing power of the high-performance LSI reproduces the original charm of acoustic instrument sounds. Dynamic tone variations also provide its electronic sound extraordinary expressiveness. The comprehensive library of built-in accompaniment models covers a broad range of musical genres, including contemporary electronic music. This keyboard has a multi-channel mixer, perfect for mixing down. Refine character during performances or execute fine adjustments to music by controlling tone and effects channel by channel.

  • chat_bubble Q2 : Which Keyboard is best for Beginners under 10000?


    Yamaha PSR-F51 Portable Keyboard is perfectly designed by experts who have delivered it a unique, smooth design. Its design is highly portable and compact which makes the keyboard best for one of all. The cabinet is pretty compact and also makes the keyboard ideal for playing. PSR-F51 provides you lots of features that are ideal for both beginners and professionals. You can get traditional styles and voices along with the most popular ones like pianos, brass and guitars.


    Yamaha PSR-E363 Portable Keyboard is introduced with 12 brand new reverb effects that deliver the sound like a concert hall. You can set the reverbs to satisfy your requirements and customize the sound using digital effects. It comes with Master EQ and helps the player by providing the great sound depending on whether the sound is bringing heard using headphones, the built-in speakers or external sound system of the keyboard. The keyboard provides touch-sensitive keys that are built for a complete grip for more reliable dynamic performances.


    Casio Casiotone CT-S200 Portable Keyboard is introduced with a simplistic, intuitive interface, providing an established layout with several buttons by using both complete dot LCD display and dial. It comes with a home button which allows user to the original screen at any time, preparing for outstanding multi-function keyboard with improved usability at an affordable price. CT-S200 also features a mode that allows users to put together bass, drum and synthesizer phrases to comfortably enjoy dance music, as well as 12 classes of Dance Music Voices that sound good with dance music. Register your preferred settings to quickly recall rhythms and tones such as those learned in music class when you train at home.


    Casio CT-X700 Electronic Indian Keyboard is introduced with a 6W + 6W high output amplifier that delivers an amazingly realistic performance with powerful heavy bass, yet while using without a PA system or other sound systems, thanks to high-performance bass-reflex speakers furnished with giant magnets. The AiX sound source for producing an extensive range of sound qualities from a dominant bass tone to clear high tones. The excellent computing power of the special performance LSI which  reproduces the original charm of acoustic sounds, such as the pleasant variation in tone when a piano key is punched, the sensation of soaring strings or drum performance. Dynamic tone variations also give its electronic sound outstanding expressiveness. Load and switch between them instantly as and when needed to deliver a gripping stage performance. You can save up to 128 complete keyboard setups, including rhythms, tones and tempo. 



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