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Buy MIDI Keyboards online in India

A MIDI keyboard is typically a piano form electronic musical keyboard, usually, with extra buttons, wheels and sliders applied for transmitting MIDI signals or commands across a USB or MIDI 5-pin cable to different musical devices or computers attached and operating on the associated MIDI protocol. MIDI information on keys or buttons the player has pressed is sent to a collecting device able of creating sound through modelling synthesis, sample playback, or an analogue hardware device.

It is usually possible in 25 Keys, 49 Keys, 61 Keys, 88 Keys and also uncommonly in 32 & 37 Keys, 73 & 76 Keys.

MIDI keyboards are normally full-size keys, like a grand piano. Some smaller keyboards manage mini keys, which are smaller. Unusual tiny keyboards have flat mini keys which are also smaller.

MIDI keyboards usually have the capability to receive foot controllers are of four types are piano pedals, expression pedals, stompboxes, and organ-style foot pedal keyboards.

We provide MIDI keyboards from brands like Line 6, MAudio, Novation, Alesis, Akai Pro, Samson, Avid, Korg, Roland, SM Pro Audio, Yamaha.

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