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A tuner is a subsystem that collects radio frequency (RF) transmissions like radio broadcasts and transforms the preferred transmitter frequency and its connected bandwidth into a determined frequency that is fit for additional processing, normally because of a moderate frequency is utilized on the output. The Broadcast AM or FM frequencies usually feed this Intermediate frequency (IF) right into a demodulator that turns the radio signal into audio-frequency signals that can be filled into an amplifier to operate a loudspeaker. DevMusical presents to you a broad range of tuners for Guitars, Ukelele, Violin, Drums, and Gadgets of all major brands like Yamaha, D'Addario, Korg, Boss, Fender, Roland, Ashton, much more available at affordable price, excellent character and world-renowned brands to choose from.

Electronic tuner, a mechanism used by technicians and musicians to measure the pitch of a musical instrument to modify or adjust the input signal to the desired pitch. Similarly, the tuner can also refer to standalone audio or a radio receiver component that is a member of an audio system, easily connected to a particular amplifier. The word tuning in radio receiver means modifying the radio receiver to receive the coveted radio signal transmitter frequency that an appropriate radio station uses.