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WAH Pedal

This pedal is used by musicians as a filter which emphasizes frequencies. The WAH Pedal is named because of the “wah” sound which is produced when the pedal is pressed. The frequency response can be changed dramatically and quickly by using the pedal.

This effect can be used by players for enhancing the music. The pedals are great for utilizing in different kinds of music genres. The WAH is also used like an EQ which helps to add the special effects. When the foot pedal is left in a same manner it creates a sharp guitar tone which is great for mixing.

And if the WAH pedal is left in the opposite direction, the guitar produces a smoother sound. The reliability of the WAH Pedal sold by Devmusical is really high and it can be used in any situation. Devmusical sells brilliant quality pedals that can be used by musicians. These are available in a very affordable price range so that musicians can buy them easily.