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  • chat_bubble Q1 : Which is the Best Digitial Piano for Beginners?


    There are too many options it’s hard to find the best digital piano for beginners at a reasonable price.


    List of Best Digital Pianos:


    Yamaha P45B Digital Piano is perfectly designed for players who are looking for a premium quality piano. it is a perfect studio piano for pro players as well as an effective tool for students. Yamaha Advanced Wave Memory sampling offers you brilliant sound voices that resonate smoothly from high-quality built-in speakers. The 88 Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keys give the realistic acoustic piano feel, with a lighter touch in the high end and heavier touch in the low-end results in the feel of the hammers inside an acoustic piano. Easily perform live with built-in stereo speakers run by dual 6W amplifier, lightweight, compact, and modern design, giving you easy storage and smooth portability. 


    Casio AP-470 Digital Piano is made to offering you genuine grand piano sound and playability. It features an 88-key scaled hammer action keyboard with ivory and ebony keys for an incredibly natural acoustic piano playing experience. The sounds are amazingly realistic due to its award-winning AiR Sound Source, which uses grand piano samples recorded at 4 progressive levels to give piano sounds with long natural senses and striking expression. It comes with 22 built-in sounds that you can divide and layer as required, including two impressive stereo grand pianos which breath with vital damper resonance. With 256 notes of polyphony, your Piano can manage even your most complicated performances. It will improve the beauty of any room in your home as it enhances your family's musical creativity.


    Korg SV1 88 Bk Stage Black Vintage Piano is introducing to upgrade your sound with a complete set of period-correct effects and amps. It comes with 3-band EQ on the front panel to manage things going, even features a charge of pre-treating your sound with Compression, Boost, Chorus/Vibrato, Tremolo, U-Vibe, and Wah. The Editor or Librarian software gives cool graphic-based programming, including admittance to many effects parameters not available on the panel. Also, this software enables each of the 36 sounds and the 8 Favorites to be programmed and saved separately. This delivers it easy for you to share and swap your desired settings, and for Korg to outfit more sounds in the future. You'll get multiple, signature variations of various classic instruments, all intended to inspire your performance.


    Roland FP 30 BKL WHL Digital Piano is compact and lightweight enough to suit easily into your family or living room, yet it gives the famous Roland sound and playing feel, along with contemporary features. The Standard 88-note keybed gives realistic piano expression and feel. Digital Piano comes with an elegant and smooth look that matches any type of venue. It provides foot pedals to be utilized for hands-free turning of onscreen music pages when using mobile apps like sheet music direct.


    Kurzweil SP4-7 76 Digital Piano is the advanced version of the SP76 which is incredibly easy to use. The piano is very lightweight and compact which makes it effortlessly portable when you are traveling from gig to gig. Its design is slim, graceful and easy to carry anywhere. Its keys are perfectly designed skillfully make things easy for you. The Digital Piano brings the legacy of their most famous piano, the original SP76, by allowing you 128 preset programs from their flagship PC3 series workstations, including pianos, guitars, basses, strings, drums, synths, and more. It can promptly set effects parameters so that you feel free in composing an out of the box music.

  • chat_bubble Q2 : Which is the Best Digitial Piano Brands?


    In this modern era, their numbers of brands are available in the market when it comes to digital pianos. But pick the best one is quite a difficult task. DevMusical has a wide range of best-selling digital pianos from the most trusted brands worldwide.


    Best Digital Piano Brands:


    1. Casio: when it comes to electric keyboards and digital pianos, Casio is the only name first comes in mind. Casio was established in 1946, a Japanese Multinational commercial and consumer electronics production company. Casio is famous for making Calculators, Digital Cameras, Digital Watches, Electronics Musical Instruments like Digital Piano. Between 1980 and 1990 it developed numerous affordable home electronics instruments. Casio made the very first portable digital piano in 1980. Advanced and modern Casio pianos have built great strides in the quality of tone and feel, and they rank on the top among some of the best digital pianos out there today.


    1. Yamaha is a Japanese Multinational Company and famous for providing a wide range of products and services. It is one of the constituents of the world's largest Piano manufacturing company. Yamaha is famous for making high-quality musical instruments including pianos, drums, silent pianos, guitars, brass instruments, woodwinds, violins, violas, etc. It's a digital piano cut across all price and are used by all skill levels, whether your a beginner and pro or whatever your budget. Yamaha digital pianos are very well made, and as they have developed over time they have included some priceless features.



    1. Roland is a Japanese manufacturer of electronic equipment and musical instruments. Roland has made various instruments that have had lasting influences on popular music. In 1974, Roland released the world's first touch-sensitive electronic piano. It has aimed to create the ultimate piano experience. Today, Roland has a wide range of instruments that lead the way touch, sound, and design developed by superior digital technology to enhance the piano playing experience for musicians at any level.



    1. Korg was established in 1963, aimed to create new experiences in performance and music. Korg is renowned for manufactures electronic musical instruments, guitar pedals and audio processors, digital pianos, electronic tuners, and recording equipment. Korg dedicated to creating determined and innovative instruments that maintain the high-quality that encourages professional creators and artists, and even convenient enough for anyone to play at a very affordable price. 


    1. Alesis was established in Hollywood in 1984, famous for manufacturing electronic musical instruments, digital piano, audio mixers, digital audio processors, Amplifiers digital audio interfaces, Drum Amplifiers, recording equipment, professional audio drum machines, and electronic percussion products. Alesis dedicated to creating gear that allows producers, musicians, and engineers at all skill levels to begin their full creative potential on-stage, in the studio, and at home.

  • chat_bubble Q3 : Which is the Best Selling Digital Piano of Casio?


    List of the Best Casio Digital Piano:


    1. Casio CDP-S100 Digital Stage Piano is an ideal entry piano for anyone looking for the most reliable portable keyboard experience at affordable prices. Exclusive Casio 88-Key scaled hammer action keybed and rich grand piano sounds will keep you performing for hours. With free iOS application and Bluetooth connectivity for extensive control and features, this is ready for performance and practice that’s on a level with every other piano in its class. You can also change the tempo if you need to slow things down for lenient learning, or you can change the entire song up or down by one octave. It is 40% smaller and lighter than other pianos in its category, weighing only 10.8 Kg. This is a significant feature of the redesigned model and it’s all thanks to intelligent design. 


    1. Casio PX 870 Privia Digital Piano is introducing with 88 full-size scaled hammer action keys to deliver you genuine piano playability. Simulated ivory and ebony textures provide a sensible piano feel. Features a multi-dimensional AiR processing gives accurate to life piano sounds. A great sounding 4-layer stereo grand piano arrives with 19 extra tones to add dimension to your playing. You'll appreciate a balanced sound across the whole frequency range by its digital piano's Volume Sync EQ. The touch sensitivity is flexible, enabling you to tailor it to your playing technique, while its customizable hammer response exactly reproduces the delay between when a key is hit and a note is produced.



    1. Casio Privia PX-S1000 Digital Stage Piano brings a modern design to the Privia series, with creative technology into your musical life. Its unibody chassis and smooth glossy panel, evokes a high-end acoustic grand, in a sleek modern design that's not much bigger than the keys themselves. Casio's innovative design well-weighted Smart Scaled Hammer Action keyboard, it offers uncompromising piano touch with an exclusive key scaling system that represents the features of each of the 88 notes, while ivory and ebony key textures ensure comfortable, confident playing in any climate. You'll also obtain exact tine and reed electric pianos, vibraphone, organs, strings, harpsichord, and more at a very reasonable price.


    1. Casio CDP-S150 Digital Stage Piano is introducing with 10 built-in famous sounds, including a grand piano. You can reveal detailed differences in tone by altering the force with which you hit the keys. Casio used its extremely compact development technologies to reach a size that is even smaller than the earlier CDP series. This CDP is one of the most compact and lightest digital pianos available, with a new action key that is intended to simulate the classified touch of an acoustic piano. More than 80% of piano tutors inspected by Casio said that a digital piano’s touch is the most prominent feature of its design. This piano will fit on any keyboard stand and is ready to set up and stow away again after use, this is the ideal go-everywhere piano.



    1. Casio Privia PX-S3000 Digital Stage Piano is famous for its genuine playability and lifelike sound. Packed with 700 onboard tones, with a superb stereo grand piano. Casio has managed to design the PX-S3000 43% smaller than prior generation Privias without compromising performance. Privia is not only looking fabulous in any room in your home, but it will further make life comfortable when it’s time to play out you’ll truly enjoy its lightweight and optional 6 x AA battery power. Casio’s modern design completely weighted Smart Scaled Hammer Action keyboard, it gives uncompromising piano touch with a master key scaling system that reproduces the features of each of the 88 notes, while ivory and ebony key textures assure confident, easy playing in any climate. It also contributes a superb piano feel and carries a huge collection of studio-quality sounds at a reasonable price. 

  • chat_bubble Q4 : Which is the Best Selling Digital Piano of Yamaha?


    List of the Best Yamaha Digital Piano:


    1. Yamaha P-45B Digital Piano perfectly designed to provides you a progressively heavier action the lower you play and light response in the upper register quite like the keys of an acoustic piano. The Piano features a lightweight, compact, and modern design, providing you easy storage and comfortable portability. Its 88 GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keys give a realistic acoustic piano feel. Yamaha's Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) sampling uses digital technology to record an instrument's sound and then employs an exceptional digital filter to the recorded samples. Additionally features 10 ten incredibly realistic instruments, including electric piano, harpsichord, vibraphone, organs, and more.


    1. Yamaha Clavinova CLP-625 Digital Piano is ideal for home, delivering you an amazingly realistic playing feel and sound in a decor-friendly legendary package. It comes with Graded Hammer 3X 88-note keybed and synthetic ivory and ebony keytops, you'll enjoy to the touch of this magnificent instrument. Equipped with RGE (Real Grand Expression technology), Acoustic Optimizer technology, and Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) boosting lows and highs at lower volumes so you experience well-balanced sound in any setting. This Piano is one of the most demanded, and leading electric piano in the market. It has a contemporary sound to create an effective impact in the music world and also provides professional standard tones at a genuine price.



    1. Yamaha Arius YDP-164 Console Digital Piano introducing with expressive Graded Hammer 3 (GH3) keyboard and the flagship Yamaha CFX concert grand sound. Stereophonic Optimizer allows players to enjoy the spacious, natural sound experienced when wearing headphones or when relaxing in front of an acoustic piano. You can enjoy the piano more with the IOS Smart Pianist app, which adds a wonderful graphic interface and a variety of unbelievable features to your compatible Yamaha digital piano at a very affordable price. Ideal for students and hobbyists alike, this is the most trusted musical partner as well as a beautiful addition to your home decor.


    4. Yamaha Clavinova CLP635DW Console Digital Piano is the perfect, home piano with amazing sampled features and Yamaha’s widely acclaimed keyboard action. It is best for the players who need impressive experience with vintage and classic hardware. A GH3X Graded Hammer keybed, synthetic ebony and ivory keytops, and escapement assure that you'll enjoy the touch of this magnificent digital piano. Loaded with unique, expertly blended Yamaha technologies, the Clavinova Piano gives renowned artistic capability as it exactly executes your nuanced musical purpose through the warm touch of its keys and the feeling of its pedals. You can make complex arrangements for flesh out your song ideas or compelling demos.

Digital piano

Digital piano

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A digital piano is a kind of electronic keyboard created to serve originally as an option to the traditional piano, both in the way it handles to play and in the sound created. It is designed to present an authentic simulation of an acoustic piano.

There is nothing like the sound of a piano, and it is remarkably complex to achieve that in an electronic instrument but with the technology improving so quickly, digital pianos have come on par with the standard piano. Just like the acoustic instruments, they are derived from, digital pianos come in various varieties to satisfy your requirement. They also allow dozens of choices for your perusal, so you can weigh all kinds of circumstances to find the right model for you. DevMusical.com has a tremendous range of excellent selling digital pianos from the multiple advanced brands worldwide. As with any instrument, the ideal digital piano for you is going to be based on one part function and two parts preference.

There are various brands that provide a wide range of Digital Pianos are as Yamaha, Casio, Roland, Korg etc.

Buy the Digital Piano online with DevMusical.com with the best and affordable price in India. Make your shopping adventure an amazing one with us.