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Behringer Multicom Pro-XL MDX4600 V2 Compressor Stereo

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Behringer Multicom Pro-XL MDX4600 V2 Compressor introduced with 4-channel Multicom Pro-XL MDX4600 V2 is one of the most price-effective expander/gate/compressor/limiters you're going to get. It comes with an Interactive Knee Adaptation (IKA) circuit that keeps compression smooth and transparent, while Interactive Ratio Control (IRC) adds elegant subtlety to gate/expander functions. Stereo linking between channels 1/2 and 3/4 is super useful for bus processing, and the Multicom Pro-XL MDX4600 V2 also provides you with switchable dynamic improvement to add more life to your content.


In addition, Multicom Pro-XL MDX4600 V2 adds 4 channels of that very same dynamics processing, finished with the acclaimed Interactive Knee Adaptation (IKA) circuit. The soft-knee processor sets the compression ratio on the fly, clamping down completely only while your signal gets hot. The result is very clean and super smooth ideal for ironing out vocals, particularly while you combine it with the Multicom Pro-XL MDX4600 V2's switchable low contour filter.


Expanders and gates can be incredibly beneficial, but they tend to be sensitive. Get your expander/gate dialed in perfectly, and it all goes belly up when the average level changes just a bit. Behringer's Interactive Ratio Control (IRC) lets the Multicom Pro-XL MDX4600 V2 stay one step ahead of your material, adjusting instantly to keep your signal noise-free, without cutting off your transients.


It provides you with basic dynamic management. For example, whenever some compression can leave your material sounding a little flat, then this compressor won't allow you to down. Ideal switchable dynamic enhancers add vitality and life to your material no matter how hard your lay on the compression.

11Product Features:

  • Completely loaded 4-channel dynamics processor
  • Every channel features a  limiter, expander, compressor, and gate functions
  • Switchable IKA (Interactive Knee Adaptation) program-adaptive circuitry consolidates the benefits of hard-knee and soft-knee compression
  • IRC (Interactive Ratio Control) expander/gate circuitry provides transparent noise suppression that won't kill your transients
  • Switchable dynamic Enhancer manages audio rich and active, even with heavy compression
  • Stereo couple function selectable for channels 1/2 and 3/4
  • Selectable operating level (+4 dBu/-10 dBV)
  • IGC (Interactive Gain Control) peak limiting circuitry connects clipper and limiter functions for reliable and safe protection against signal peaks
  • Switchable low-contour filter prevents pumping due to heavy bass
  • Separate 8-segment LED meters to allow you keep an eye on input and output levels for monitoring gain reduction
  • Servo-balanced inputs and outputs include 1/4 inch  TRS and gold-plated XLR connectors
  • Pro-quality components and especially sturdy construction ensure long life

Product details:

  • Brand: Behringer
  • Model Number: Multicom PRO-XL MDX4600
  • Type: Compressor, Limiter, Gate
  • Number of Channels: 4
  • Controls: Trigger, Threshold, Ratio, Limiter
  • EQ: Low Contour Filter, Enhancer
  • Inputs: 4 x XLR, 4 x 1/4 inch TRS
  • Outputs: 4 x XLR, 4 x 1/4 inch TRS
  • Rack Spaces: 1U
  • Power Source: Standard IEC AC cable
  • Country of origin: China
  • Manufacturer details: Behringer
  • Packer details: Behringer
  • Importer details: Behringer

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