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Givson GB 2003 4 String Swing Bass Electric Bass Guitar

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Givson GB 2003 - 4 String Swing Bass, Electric Bass Guitar

Givson GB 2003 is one of the most famous electric bass guitar in the market due to its satisfactory characteristics and outstanding performance. With this influential bass guitar, you can easily shift your attention to composing a wide variety of tones with perfect vibrations that comes out of its energetic Toon wood body. The bass guitar has super-specific features and has been made by fulfilling the fact in mind that every player can play on it professionally irrespective of who is performing on it, whether a freshman or an advanced person. In structure, it has a solid body with a color that suits the maximum on it and makes it look immeasurable on its body with a flawless polished body of Lacquer.

The GB 2003 is an Electric Bass Guitar that incorporates a tone knob and 2 volume knobs on a toon wood body with 4 Strings of magnetic steel material and an adjustable bridge of brass. It is famous as it features a neck of Maple material and a bridge of brass at the identical time, which is not normal in many of the well-known and high rated electric bass guitars. It also has a fretboard which is built of rosewood material and frets constructed of high-quality German silver. In pickups, this delightful swing bass guitar has 2 Single Coil Pickups. The most exciting part of this electric guitar is its dimension and its impact on the audience. In its perfect dimensions and weight, it includes all the big features of the most desirable professional guitars along with 2 metal End pins and a plastic/brass guard. It also features a machine head of 4 pieces having a steel and brass body and appears with a manufacturer warranty of 1 Year.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Givson
  • Model: G.B 2003
  • Body: Solid Body
  • Machine Head: Steel and Brass 4 pcs
  • Adjustable Bridge: Brass 1 pcs
  • String: Magnetic Steel 4 pcs
  • Fret: German Silver
  • Pick-up: 2 Single Coil Pickup
  • Volume Knob: 2 pcs
  • Tone Knob: 1 pcs
  • Jack Cord: 1 pcs
  • Body Material: Toon Wood
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fret Board: Rose Wood
  • Polish: Lacquer
  • End Pin: 2 pcs Metal
  • Guard Plate: 1 pcs Plastic/ Brass
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

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