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Yamaha MG20XU 20 Channel MG Series Analog 6 Bus Mixer Console

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Yamaha MG20XU 20 Channel MG Series Analog 6 Bus Mixer Console

Yamaha MG20XU 20 Channel MG Series Analog 6 Bus Mixer Console is perfectly designed to creating the legacy of exceptional craftsmanship, and advanced representation in all Yamaha products, from unique products of world-class musical instruments to traveling grade high-professional audio. The third incorporation, this MG series features this pursuit of design perfection and combines some of the advanced technologies developed for use the high-quality consoles, with powerful digital processing, studio-quality preamps, and sturdy, reliable construction. It comes with an automatic, easy-to-use interface, which improves the comprehensive lineup of portable mixing consoles with models ranging from six to twenty channels, fir for various ranges of users and applications. For live music setting, recording, flexible design and sturdy construction of these console allows you the develop your sound with confidence, constantly offer peak performance and reliability unrivaled in its class and level of sound quality. 

Yamaha always aimed to give sound engineers the purest possible signal instead of added processing or color to give it Signature sound. 

D-PRE (Discrete Class-A Mic Preamps)

As a sound engineer you dependent on the quality of your preamps, which defines the way your mix will take, and conclusively how good it is going to sound. MG Series mixing consoles comes with Yamaha's studio-grade discrete class-A D-PRE preamps, which employ an inverted Darlington circuit including two cascading transistors in a shape that gives more control with lower impedance. Releasing fat bass, natural-sounding and soft, rising highs, with extremely low distortion, D-PRE preamps control an incredibly wide frequency range that allows them to control signal from any audio source without overly increasing any particular elements of the sound. Having such a pure sonic platform to build on will ultimately save you time and effort by eliminating the need for excessive EQing or additional effects processing to fix your mix.

Professional-Quality Sound Op-amp

Its head amp defines tone quality, and op-amp integrated circuits are one of the most essential parts of the head amp circuit. MG Series mixers come with high-quality, innovative, custom-made MG01 op-amps that Yamaha exhibited in collaboration with the semiconductor manufacturer. Besides, many other Op-amps classify electrical design and performance, controlled directly with the semiconductor manufacturer to concentrate on sound quality first. The MG01 op-amps are equipped with redesigned circuitry in which even the internal parts and wiring have been optimized and utilize materials such as exceptional silicon wafers and copper wire to deliver superb resolution.

Switchable Phantom Power & PAD Switch

Including phantom power, MG Series consoles enable you to take complete advantage of the high sound quality and higher frequency response of condenser microphones. This input channel with PAD switch allows MIC to line level of inputs, PAD Switch attenuates high input signals that usually accompany mic'ed instruments during performance, avoiding the clipping that can precariously affect your mix. 

Yamaha MG series mixers are popular for sonic purity and flat response, yet it frequently takes more than well-captured instrumental performance or vocal to reach a professional sound mix. Decorated with state of art characteristics features on Yamaha high-end consoles, Yamaha adds the tools in the MG series which allows you to produce a professional-quality sound that is uniquely your own.

1-knob Compressors

In addition, compression plays a very important role in your sound and recording reinforcement environment by filtering the dynamic levels of an audio signal when you require more active guitar, a tight snare, punchier bass lines, or a cleaner vocal sound. But, it takes infinite hours to master the difficulties of even the most basic outboard compression units and use them efficiently. Basically, Yamaha advanced, 1-knob compressors are now an industry standard that provides you immediate access to optimized compression settings via a single rotary control.

EQ and High-pass Filters

The MG Series loaded with the advantages of Yamaha's unique experience in designing pro audio gear, emphasizing 3-band equalizers on all mono channels for well-defined control of your sound. A high-pass filter enables you to exclude undesired low-frequency noise, for a softer, more precise mix.

AUX / Effect Sends / Group

The mixer is also equipped with AUX sends for developing your sound reinforcement or recording setup, enabling you to incorporate additional effects, output to external recording devices, or feed to a monitoring system. (except for MG20XU / 10X) Master send keys are also given. The MG20XU / 10X, MG20XU / 10XU / 10XUF, and MG20XUXUK have a particular Analog bus. Each other model more features one or two Analog collection buses and outputs that can be utilized for comfortable channel grouping.

LED level metering

Easy-to-read LED level metering provides output levels to be monitored with accuracy.

Built-in SPX Digital Effects

For non-musical and musical applications alike, effects processing combines shine and professionalism to the mix. This MG20XU model specialty Yamaha’s acclaimed SPX digital multi-effect processor, giving a complete set of 24 editable digital effects ideal for improving your mix, whether blending depth to a speaking action or being unique color and atmosphere into a live band performance. Additionally, the professional-quality reverb and delay improve the spatial quality of the sound with extraordinary naturalness and reality. 

Built to last

Ideal for recording, gigging, and connected applications alike, your console can be controlled to a broad range of environmental hazards and conditions. Extreme humidity, fluctuating power supplies, and the rigidity of road travel, in general, can take a serious loss on a mixing console, usually making costly, time-consuming repairs, and overcoming its lifespan. This MG Series has been redesigned with an accent on stability, combining practical features that offer more excellent flexibility while ensuring peak performance for many years to come.

Metal Chassis

Made to last, the Yamaha MG20XU mixer comes with a sturdy, impact-resistant, powder-coated metal chassis, allowing a unique level of stability. Including a smooth design shaped for optimal convection cooling, the internal layout leaves the power supply from the Analog circuitry for better noise reduction and additional extends the life of the components inside. To more assure stable performance, the control position above the surface of the chassis diverts any pressure or impact on the controls to the chassis itself and not the circuit board or parts underneath.

Internal Universal Power Supply

Due to an extremely efficient internal universal power supply, MG Series consoles give trouble-free operation in any region around the globe also in situations prone to possibly damaging power variations. The internal power supply also clarifies the rack mounting of the console for installed applications, excluding the requirement for a big adapter or added connections.(MG20XU / 16 / 20 / 12XU / 16XU / 20XU)

Included Rack Mount Kit 

Quickly adaptable to a wide range of established and portable applications, the 16- and 20- channel models of the MG Series features rack ears, providing you the possibility of a rack-mounted or desk-top configuration. Very durable, their smooth design makes safe, well-built placement of your console hassle-free, keeping setup time and effort to a minimum. 

XLR connector

The principal Analog outputs feature XLR type connectors that lock to prevent accidental disconnection. Sturdy and reliable, these professional connectors assure giving stable signal transmission even in the most difficult environments.

Create, record… listen

Yamaha MG20XU MG Series also loaded with the same digital connectivity that is utilized to streamline the recording process on Yamaha’s studio-level mixing consoles. Take the benefit of state-of-the-art digital technology that delivers it more comfortably than ever to plug in, play, record, and then listen to your creations.

24-bit /192kHz 2-in/2-out USB Audio Interface Function

Plus its flexible digital connectivity for prompt and comfortable higher-solution playback of digital content. Just connect to your PC via USB or to your iPhone / iPad (2 or later) utilizing Lightning to USB Camera Adapter / Apple’s Camera Connection Kit. This USB protocol utilizes asynchronous data transfer. Audio data is transferred based on an extremely well-defined audio clock signal from the MG, for professional-quality playback and recording.

MG Rec & Play

It features a Rec & Play software application that allows professional-quality recording, as well as quick and smooth playback of songs and sound effects, by just connecting your iPad/iPhone to any MG Series XU model. This automatic application can be utilized for a broad range of ideas such as recording songwriting sessions, live gigs, and band rehearsals, or giving background music or sound effects for live concerts or entertainment parties or events. 

Cubase AI

The MG20XU models are loaded with Downloadable Steinberg’s Cubase AI software. As one of the most excellent, complete DAW suites available, Steinberg's Cubase has begun the charge, giving users a powerful and adjustable platform for music creation. Cubase AI allows these same center technologies and interfaces that have won Cubase worldwide acclaim. 

Cubasis LE

Cubasis LE is available in the App Store. You just need to connect your iPad to MG XU models to make it work. Cubasis LE is the compact version of Steinberg’s streamlined, multitouch sequencer for the iPad, providing the same look and feel like its bigger brother Cubasis. Specially designed for quick and easy operation, Cubasis LE makes recording, editing, and mixing a breeze. Cubasis LE places touch-intuitive production tools in your hands, opening a new world of possibilities for your creativity. 

Product Features:

  • 20-Channel Mixing Console
  • Max. 16 Mic / 20 Line Inputs (12 mono + 4 stereo)
  • 4 GROUP Buses + 1 Stereo Bus
  • 4 AUX (incl. FX)
  • 24-bit/192kHz 2in/2out USB Audio functions
  • Works with the iPad (2 or later) through the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit / Lightning to USB Camera Adapter
  • Includes Cubase AI DAW software download version
  • PAD switch on mono inputs
  • +48V phantom power
  • XLR balanced outputs
  • D-PRE mic preamps with an inverted Darlington circuit
  • 1-Knob compressors
  • High-grade effects: SPX with 24 programs
  • Internal universal power supply for worldwide use
  • Rack Mount Kit Included
  • Metal chassis for durability

Product Details:

  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Model Number: MG20XU
  • Series: MG
  • Built-in Effects: 
  • SPX Algorithm: 24 Programs
  • Parameter Control: 1 x Foot SW: (FX RTN CH On/Off)
  • Phantom Power: +48 V
  • Digital I/O: 
  • USB: USB Audio Class 2.0 Compliant
  • Sampling Frequency: Max 192 kHz
  • Bit Depth: 24-Bit
  • Input Channels: 
  • 12 x Mono [Mic/Line]
  • 4 x Mono/Stereo [Mic/Line]
  • Output Channels:
  • 2 x Stereo Out
  • 1 x Monitor Out
  • 1 x Headphone Out
  • 4 x Aux Out
  • 4 x Group Out
  • Bus
  • Stereo: 1
  • Group: 4
  • Aux: 4
  • Pad 26 dB (Mono)
  • HPF: 80 Hz, 12 dB/Oct (Mono/Stereo: Mic Only)
  • Compressor
  • Threshold: +22 dBu to -8 dBu
  • Ratio: 1:1 to 4:1
  • Output Level: 0 dB to 7 dB
  • Attack Time: Approx 25 ms
  • Release Time: Approx 300 ms
  • Equalizer
  • EQ High Gain: +15 dB / -15 dB, Frequency: 10 kHz Shelving
  • EQ Mid Gain: +15 dB / -15 dB, Frequency: Mono 250 Hz to 5 kHz Peaking, Stereo 2.5 kHz Peaking
  • EQ Low Gain: +15 dB / -15 dB, Frequency: 100 Hz Shelving
  • LED:
  • Peak LED: Turns On When Post EQ Signal Reaches 3 dB Below Clipping (Mono)
  • Level Meter: 2 x 12-Segment LED Meter [PEAK, +10, +6, +3, 0, -3, -6, -10, -15, -20, -25, -30 dB]
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.03% at +14 dBu (20 Hz to 20 kHz), GAIN Knob: Min, 0.005% at +24 dBu (1 kHz), GAIN Knob: Min
  • Frequency Response: +0.5 dB / -1.5 dB (20 Hz to 48 kHz), Refer to the Nominal Output Level at 1 kHz, GAIN Knob: Min
  • Equivalent Input Noise: -128 dBu (Mono Input Channel, Rs: 150 Ohms, GAIN Knob: Max)
  • Residual Output Noise: -102 dBu (STEREO OUT, STEREO Master Fader: Min)
  • Crosstalk: -78 dB
  • Power Requirement: AC 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 36 W
  • Dimensions: 444 x 130 x 500 mm
  • Weight: 7.1 kg
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
  • Country of origin: China
  • Manufacturer details: YAMAHA
  • Packer details: YAMAHA
  • Importer details: YAMAHA

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