Roland TDM 3 V Drums Mat

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Roland TDM 3 V Drums Mat:

Using a high quality drum mat is essential to keep the drums placed in the right position. Roland’s drum mats are best in terms of quality and durability. One such amazing drum mat is the Roland TDM 3 V Drums Mat.

This mat is suitable for V drums lite and V drums portable. Roland TDM 3 V Drums Mat can be used for these drum series from Roland. If you are a professional drummer, you already know why it’s important to use the drum mats. But beginners and novices may not be aware of it.

Why should you use drum mats?

Drum mats are essential accessories which complete your electronic drum kit. These mats help to reduce the vibration and also protect the floor damage. You can keep the drums as well as the floor safe by using a high quality mat like Roland TDM 3 V Drums Mat.

If you do not use a high quality mat, the floor can get scratched and damaged. To avoid such issues, its best to use mats like Roland TDM 3 V Drums Mat.

Features of Roland TDM 3 V Drums Mat:
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Width: 900mm
  • Depth: 1200mm
  • Height: 8mm
  • Polyester material
  • Stain proof
  • Fire retardant
  • Anti- static

Roland TDM 3 V Drums Mat can be used by professionals wherever they practice. You can even use it at the place where you have to perform. By using Roland TDM 3 V Drums Mat, not only the vibration will be reduced but the floor damages would not occur too.

Materials used

Roland TDM 3 V Drums Mat has the backing of soft urethane resin + felt. The pile of this mat has nylon filament and the main material used for creating is Polyester. These materials make it a high quality mat which is ready for use.

It has also been treated for various things which make it a highly preferred choice of most drummers. Roland TDM 3 V Drums Mat is anti- static, stain-proof and fire- retardant. Due to so many features and qualities, this drum mat is truly value for money.

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