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Roland JD XA Analog and Digital Crossover Synthesizer

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Roland JD-XA Crossover Synthesizer

Roland JD-XA crossover Synth has four parts of digital engine powered by Roland supernatural synth technology, additionally, it has an impressive selection of potent effects. Its supernatural piano engine can be used interactively and independently offering a supple platform for sound intend. It is a unique crossover synth that is packed with both analog and warm and digital versatility in one roof.

Product features:

  • Featured with Roland latest tech with independent digital and analog sound engines
  • The hidden analog synth engine
  • Analog filter section features multi-mode, 4-Pole, and transistor-ladder with finest natural and smooth response to knob movements
  • OSC section includes Ring Mod, Cross Mod, OSC sync
  • Digital section can be operated via analog filter section for real and warm results
  • Rapid attack envelope time
  • LFO rate houses a variety of range from ultra-slow to fast
  • Separate digital section designed around supernatural synth engine
  • Operations are easy for highly creative sound design
  • Onboard MIDI, USB, CV, GATE interfaces available
  • Plenty of controls are available for hands-free tweaking

Product details:

  • Brand: Roland
  • Model: JD-XA
  • Keyboard: 49 keys
  • User Program Memory: USB Flash memory, Internal 256
  • Analog-OSC Section: Modulation (Ring Modulation, Cross Modulation, Oscillator Sync), Knobs or Sliders (Cross Mod, Pitch, Pulse Width, Fine, Pulse Width Modulation), Pitch Envelopes (Delay, Attack, Envelope Depth), Oscillator waveforms (Square, Saw, Pulse, PWM, Triangle, Sine)
  • Analog-FILTER Section: Filter Type (LPF1, HPF, LPF2, BPF, LPF3, Bypass), Knobs (Cutoff, Key Follow, Resonance, HPF, Envelope Depth, Drive), Envelope (Attack, Sustain, Decay, Release)
  • Analog-AMP Section: Envelope Attack, Sustain, Decay, Release, Knobs Level
  • Digital-FILTER Section: Envelope (Attack, Sustain, Decay, Release), Knobs (Cutoff, Key Follow, Resonance, HPF, Envelope Depth), Filter Type (LPF1, 2, 3, HPF, BPF, Bypass, Variation)
  • Digital-OSC Section: Oscillator waveforms (Saw, Sine, Square, PWM, Pulse, Triangle, Variation), Knobs or Sliders (Pitch, Pulse Width, Fine, Pulse Width Modulation), Pitch Envelopes (Decay, Attack, Envelope Depth), Modulation Ring Modulation
  • Digital-AMP Section: Envelope Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Knobs Level
  • LFO Section: LFO Waveform (Sine, Triangle, Square, Saw, Sample Hold, Random), Tempo Sync, Knobs or Sliders (Rate, Pitch Depth, Fade Time, Amp Depth, Filter Depth)
  • Effects: DELAY, Master EQ, REVERB, MFX, Part EQ, TFX, Mic Input Reverb 
  • Mixer Section: A-OSC 1, 2 AUX
  • Mic: MIC Modulation, Vocoder
  • Pattern Sequencer: SMF import, tracks 16, patterns are saved as program
  • Arpeggio: Preset pattern 64
  • Display: 16 characters 2 line LCD
  • External Storage: USB Flash memory
  • Connectors: USB MEMORY A type port, PHONES jack, CLICK OUTPUT jack, MAIN OUTPUT jacks, ANALOG DRY OUTPUT jack, USB COMPUTER port, FOOT PEDAL jacks, MIC jack, DC IN jack, MIDI connectors
  • Power Supply: AC Adaptor
  • Current draw: 3,000 mA
  • Accessories: Power Cord, AC Adaptor, Owner's Manual
  • Width: 899 mm
  • Depth: 388 mm
  • Height: 111 mm
  • Weight: 6.5 kg

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