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Tama WBSS52RZS MBR Starclassic Walnut Birch 6 Piece Drum Kit

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Tama WBSS52RZS-MBR Starclassic Walnut/Birch 6 Piece Drum Kit

Tama WBSS52RZS-MBR Starclassic Walnut/Birch 6 Piece Drum Kit is introducing in a precise ratio of walnut to birch that offered a superior quality of low-to-mid frequency warmth that flawlessly complemented the sharp attack and higher frequency projection of birch. Tama designers and developers wanted something that exceeded trends, something timeless, drums that followed a player's enthusiasm and let the expression of every style, mood, genre, and technique. They built Starclassic Maple drums and lighted the thin-shell revolution. Plus now the new Imported Finish line gives beautiful, one-of-a-kind exotic wood exteriors for that extra sensual touch.

Various options are available to satisfy the diverse and exacting needs of professional drummers including a choice of more than 30 different shell sizes. It also features three shell hardware finishes picking from Chrome, Black Nickel and Smoked Black Nickel. Starclassic Maple is just a unique combination of sound and sight.

For the most reliable transfer of vibrations from head to the shell, a smaller shell is better. Yet, less thickness usually equals less strength. Rather than making thinner shells by using fewer plies, Tama slims down each ply and then cross laminates them into a 6ply 5mm thick shell (8ply 7mm bass drum). This mixture results in a thinner shell that is really stronger than others of higher thickness. 

Swivel-Wing Tom Holder:

Swivel Wing Tom holder is introducing with Omni-ball system accommodating for unparalleled angle adjustment of the toms. Additionally, each ball can run around an arc forward and backward by 10mm, giving even greater positioning flexibility.

Star-Cast Mounting System:

And its Star-Cast Mounting System has continuously given maximum stability and resonance for Tama's pro-drums. A sleek design gives it simpler toms closer together for greater comfort and ease than ever before. Furthermore, a switch to aluminum offers lighter weight and also more accurate tonal vibration.

Die-Cast Hoops:

The die-cast hoops are not only transformed drum tuning, but they also affect drum sounds. Therefore the selection of the hoops is very important to the designers of Tama's pro drum lines. Tama prefers zinc die-cast hoops that are made by injection molten metal into molds. These die-cast hoops come with more density and more uniform in shape than triple-flanged hoops, that are build by bending metal plates. Drums outfitted with die-cast hoops also allow clear, crisper attack and resonant highs, and much more strong rim shots.

Evans's heads are featured on the rack and floor toms, Genera G2 1-ply clear bottom heads and Genera G2 2-ply clear batter heads offer both durability and solid sound. Starclassic bass drum is perfectly fitted with Genera EQ4 clear batter heads.

Starclassic Drum Kit air pocket rubber foot comes with a special air chamber, that absorbs shock for better playing and excludes the transfer of vibrations to the floor.

Tama WBSS52RZS has an MSB30 die-cast bracket that precisely keeps the spur, due to the same strong hinge mechanism utilize on the MTB30 mounting bracket. Special memory tags found on the folding spur bracket help analyze set up.

Its claw hooks have rubber spacers that support preserve wood hoops from damage. The brand-new Quick-Lock tom brackets outfitted on the Starclassic floor toms and the Star-Cast Mounting System have some very unique, ground-breaking features. These brackets provide for easy and quick setup and breakdown. By just sliding the switch on the tom bracket, the bracket divides into two parts. While the drum is removed for breakdown, the memory lock part remains on the floor tom leg or tom stand. This protects your positioning and gets the next set up quick and easy. Following the identical principle of decreasing vibration transference from drums to the floor tom legs or tom stands, these tom brackets also use rubber lining to further isolate the drums and improve resonance.

To reach the response and sound you are looking for, Starclassic Maple allow a variety of six different depths ranging from the simple Hyper-Drive to the cavernous X-tra Deep. Tama current 20 x 22 inch Ultra Deep bass drum size is now available. This size accommodates loud low end combined with supreme resonance.

Hold Tight washers are perfectly invented to protect the tension rods from loosening. It features a cup-shaped stainless steel washer which includes a rubber ring. Vibration generated from hitting a drum creates space between hoops and tension rods, which can make the tension rods to loosen over time. These rubber rings on our Hold Tight washers better absorb the impact of vibration and prevents tension rods in constant contact with the hoops to protect loosening.

Product Features:

  • Ideal ratio of walnut to birch that offered a superior quality of low-to-mid frequency warmth.
  • Offers sound is not only punchy, but mellow and sweet.
  • Quick-Lock tom brackets outfitted on the Starclassic floor toms and on the Star-Cast Mounting System.
  • Star-Cast Mounting System has ever given maximum resonance and stability.
  • Swivel-Wing Tom Holder providing greater positioning flexibility.
  • Bass Drum Spur Bracket with claw hooks.
  • Air Cushioned Floor Tom Legs.
  • Evans heads are featured on all Starclassic drums.
  • Die-cast hoops feature a more density and are more consistent in shape.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Tama
  • Model Number: WBSS52RZS-MBR
  • Type: Drum Kit
  • Set: 6 Piece
  • Colour: Molten Brown Burst
  • Bass Drum: 16 x 22 inch
  • Tom Tom: 7 x 10 inch
  • Tom Tom: 8 x 12 inch
  • Floor Tom: 12 x 14 inch
  • Floor Tom: 14 x 16 inch
  • Single Tom Attachments: MC69
  • Finishes: Lacquer
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
  • Country of origin: China
  • Manufacturer details: Tama
  • Packer details: Tama
  • Importer details: Tama

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