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Yamaha Upright Piano Yus 5

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Yamaha Upright Piano YUS 5:

The Yamaha YUS 5 Series are superbly crafted devices with inspiringly gorgeous sound and sensitive balance. The innocence of the cabinet gives excellent acoustics to the subtlest note and specifically planned hammers present rich tone. The easy, accurate design rounds out a piano that improves the performance of professional and home pianists equally.

V-Pro Plate

Yamaha manages V-Pro (Vacuum Shield Mold Process) notifying the iron frame (plate). V-Pro plates are reliable and visually more appealing. Critical dimensions are presented more accurately than before.

Metal Action Rails

Yamaha engineering began a unique Extruded Aluminum Alloy Action Rail that is one of the genuine changes for improving a piano action in the last 100 years. The usual fluctuations in wood rails that effect touch, caused by periodical weather variations, are eliminated allowing durable, long-lasting action control.

Balanced Action

Each key of a Yamaha piano is independently examined and included for the corrections required to obtain uniform "down weight" pressure. Yamaha things play accurately and uniformly. This balancing helps ensure a lifetime of excellent touch and handle across the keyboard.

Seasoned for Destination

Yamaha definitely seasons this piano for the U.S. market. The tuning durability, finish and overall musical integrity are enhanced over the long life expected of a fine piano.

Spruce Soundboard

At the Yamaha timber mill and wood processing equipment, the precise spruce is quarter sawn; and less than 10% of the total is chosen and reserved for Yamaha piano soundboards. Solid spruce, rather than covered spruce or poplar, is the choice in all accurate pianos for the excellent amplification of sound, best tone and support.

Full-Length Ribs

Yamaha strengthens the crown in its soundboards by using ribs that proceed to the edge of the soundboard, and are stuck into the notched liner (or inner rim on the grand piano). Reinforcing the crown assures that the character property will remain for years and years and enhances tuning stability.

Uniform Key Travel

Yamaha originates all grand and vertical pianos to have the same key travel. Regardless of size, type or model of Yamaha piano, the keyboards will constantly feel the equivalent.

Spruce Keys

Yamaha practices Spruce for the keys on all designs of pianos. Spruce is really light and supports a very high ratio of energy to weight. It is complete for key construction, even though its cost is extraordinary than either sugar pine or basswood. Yamaha keyboards reply quickly providing fast repetition for the common complex piece of music.

Product Specification:
  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Model Number: YUS 5
  • Material soundboard: Spruce
  • Back Post material: Spruce
  • V-Pro Plate: Yes
  • Bridge Material: Hard Maple
  • Pinblock material: Hard Maple
  • Tuning Pins: Cut thread
  • Center Pedal: Sostenuto
  • Metal Action Rail: Yes
  • Seasoned for Destination: Yes
  • Soft-close Fallboard: Yes
  • Keyboard: 88 keys
  • Finishes: Polished Ebony
  • Hammer Moldings: Walnut
  • Width: 60"
  • Height: 52"
  • Length: 26"
  • Weight: 530 lbs.
  • Pedals: Soft Pedal, Sostenuto Pedal, Damper Pedal
  • Key Surfaces: Ivorite/WPC (Wood Process Composite)
  • Country of origin: China
  • Manufacturer details: YAMAHA
  • Packer details: YAMAHA
  • Importer details: YAMAHA

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